World Tuberculosis Day 2021 (World TB Day 2021) the Theme “THE CLOCK IS TICKING” - We Are Nurse Proud To Be Nurse

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World Tuberculosis Day 2021 (World TB Day 2021) the Theme “THE CLOCK IS TICKING”


World tuberculosis day 2021 (World TB day 2021) celebration every year March 24

World tuberculosis day 2021 (World TB day 2021) the theme of world tuberculosis day 2021 the “THE CLOCK IS TICKING”

This theme is conveying the message to “END TB”AND “STOP TB PARTNERSHIPS” this world is running out of time to act on commitments to end tuberculosis made by this World leaders.

Now we will move on the designer pillars and components up tuberculosis day first one

I. Integrated, patient-centered care and prevention

To Early diagnosis of tuberculosis

Tuberculosis Treatment of all peoples

Collaborative for tuberculosis /HIV activities and management of co-morbidities

Preventive treatment of tuberculosis person at high risk and vaccination

II. Bold policies and supportive system

 The Political commitment with adequate resource

 Engagement of communities’ /civil society organizations/public and private care providers

Universal health coverage policy and regulatory frameworks

Social protection, poverty alleviation and action and other determinations of tuberculosis

III.Intensified research and innovation

To Discovery development and rapid uptake of new tools /intervention and strategies of tuberculosis

Research to optimize implementation and impact and promote new innovation.

 Ending that tuberculosis epidemic.

Awareness overview about tuberculosis (TB)

In 1882 Dr Robert coach announced his discovered of mycobacterium tuberculosis this affects mostly in both lungs and attack any part of body such as kidney/spine and brain and etc.

Causes of tuberculosisCauses of tuberculosis (TB) bacteria spread through the air from one person to another persons in that tuberculosis bacteria are put into the air when the person with tuberculosis disease of lungs or throat /cough /speaks or sings.

Peoples nearby may be breath in this bacteria it become infected tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is not spread

Tuberculosis is not spread by shaking someone hands and hugging / touching bed lines or toilet seat s /sharing toothbrush/ kissing/sharing food or drinks.

Two tuberculosis related of condition exist

 Latent tuberculosis infection and tuberculosis disease both symptoms status it may be different

I. Latent Tuberculosis Infection

 Latent tuberculosis infection that I having no symptoms/ does not feel  unhealthy / usually has skin test  or blood test resulting indicating for the tuberculosis infection/ has normal x Ray and in negative sputum smear / need treatment for latent tuberculosis infection to prevent tuberculosis disease cannot spread tuberculosis bacteria to others /

II. Tuberculosis Disease

 that having symptoms may include bad cough is at least 3 weeks or longer time/ pain in the chest area/coughing up blood in sputum /weakness/ weight loss/  loss of appetite/ chillness /fever/ sweating at night time/ easily feel sick /may spread bacteria to others /usually has skin test for blood test result indicated for tuberculosis infection /may have abnormal chest x ray are positive sputum smear are culture test /need treatment to treat tuberculosis disease

High risk factor of tuberculosis

High risk factor of tuberculosis for Persons who have been recently infected with tuberculosis bacteria. It includes

Closed contact the person with tuberculosis disease

Person who have with high rate of tuberculosis moving one place to other place from area of world

Who have positive tuberculosis test Children’s less than 5 years of age

Groups such as homeless person/ injection drugs user and person with HIV infection

person who worked our residents with people who are at risk are high risk of tuberculosis facilities are institutions such as hospitals homeless shelter correctional facilities nursing home and residential home those with HIV.

second one person with medical condition with weak and immune system most of the condition

HIV infection that is a virus that causes why AIDS /substance abuse /low body  weight or organ transplantation/head and neck cancer/medical treatment such as a corticosteroid therapy / silicosis /diabetes mellitus /severe kidney disease/specialist treatment for rheumatoid arthritis are crohns disease.

Diagnostic evaluation

Medical history

Physical examination

Test for TB infection skin test tuberculosis in test otherwise calling as mantoux tuberculin skin test (TST) and tuberculosis blood test

Chester radio grapy

 Diagnostic microbiology test sputum smear test and culture test /

Drug resistance test

Vaccines: Tb Vaccine Bacilli Calmette-Guerin (Bcg)


Isoniazid (INH)

Rifampin (RIF)

Ethambutol (EMB)

Pyrazinamide (PZA)



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