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Pomelo Fruits(Citrus Maxima Or Big Lemon)History Background/Nutrition Values/Pomelo Fruits Health Benefits/effects

Pomelo Fruits (Citrus Maxima Or Big Lemon):

Pomelo Fruits (Citrus Maxima Or Big Lemon) History /Background, Pomelo Fruits Structure, Pomelo Fruits Nutrition Values, Pomelo Fruits Health Benefits, Pomelo fruits (Citrus Maxima or Big Lemon) side effects.

Pomelo Fruits (Citrus Maxima Or Big Lemon) History /Background

v  Pomelo Fruits Botanical Name: Citrus Maxima

v  Pomelo Fruits means Biggest Citrus Or Biggest Lemon

v  Pomelo Fruits Officially called Grapefruit, Shaddock, Having, Jambola

v  Pomelo Fruits Family: Rutaceae

Pomelo Fruits Structure

v  Pomelo Fruits is a large citrus fruit 15 to 25 cm in diameter

v  Pomelo Fruits Weight 1 to 2 kg

v  Pomelo Fruits contains 10 to 18 segments

v  Pomelo Fruits Taste: tangy and sweet and tart flesh testes.Mild grapefruit like that taste there are two varieties sweet kind with white flesh and sour kind with pinkish flesh or red flesh.

Pomelo Fruits Nutrition Values

According to U.S. Department of Agriculture Research Service.

Pomelo Fruits Nutrition values (every per 100 gram Fruits following valves)

Water: 89 gram

Vitamin C: 61 milligram (73 Percentages in Daily Value)

Carbohydrate: 9.62 gram

Energy:  159 closer 38 kilo calories

Dietary fiber; 1 gram

Fat:  0.04 gram

Protein: 0.76 gram

More Vitamins combination

Minerals and 0.11 milligram

Magnesium: 6 milligram

Phosphorus: 17 milligram

Potassium: 216 milligram

Sodium: 1 milligram

Zinc: 0.08 milligram


Pomelo Fruits Health Benefits

Prevention of Urinary Tract Infection

Pomelo Fruits Increase acid level in urine and also fight against urinary tract infection 

Boosts Immune System Function

Pomelo Fruits act Boosts immune system function to increase white blood cell activities and also fight against fever, common cold, cough, respiratory infection and other common infection diseases. It helps prevent cell damage and oxidative stress also.

Cardiovascular Health

Pomelo Fruits contain more potassium nutrition component it help to reduce the bad cholesterol levels of total cholesterol and triglycerides so it help clear arterial deposit in our body reduce heart stroke , heart attack and cardiovascular problems.

Strongest Bone

Health potassium keep bone strong keeps it always healthy and prevents bone major problems osteoporosis and bone weakness like a arthritis problems.

Tooth Care

Pomelo Fruits contain more Vitamin C it will help to produce collagen it makes kids teeth strong and prevent bleeding of gums and loose of teeth, reduce bad breath.

Weight Loss

Pomelo Fruits content low fat it helps to weight loss and contains fiber keeps full up stomach long time. Digestion high amount of fiber promote healthy digestion reduce gastrointestinal disease like a diarrhea and constipation.

Healthy Skin

Pomelo Fruits content Rich antioxidants it daily consuming reduce acne and pimples, skin dryness and wrinkles fine lines also.

Grow Long Hair

Pomelo Fruits keeps to prevent hair fall and dandruff and to promote hair growth prevents hair thicker and strong.

Prevention of Cancer Cell Growth

Pomelo Fruits antioxidants can fight cancer cell growth and suppress the cancer growth cell.

Slows Signs of Aging

Treat Metabolic Disorder/ Protect Chronic Diseases

Pomelo Fruits Treat metabolic disorder/ Protect chronic diseases example Asthma and diabetes complications can also prevent.

Prevent Muscle Cramps

Pomelo Fruits Rich electrolyte contain it Prevent muscle cramps

Body Energetic

Pomelo Fruits Sufficient amount of fluids and electrolytes it make our body always energetic mode and more active of day.

Prevention of Anemia

 Pomelo Fruits Rich vitamin C it absorbs iron. And helps recover that loss iron.


 Pomelo Fruits Fight against tiredness faced in pregnancy. Reduce bacteria in urinary tract infection and tightening of muscles during Pregnancy

Strength of Injury Skin

Pomelo Fruits Strength of injury skin and promote wound healing process so Best advice for who undergoing surgical procedure patient.

Pomelo fruits (Citrus Maxima or Big Lemon) side effects

v  Pomelo fruits High amount of Vitamin C and Potassium it's dangerous for liver and kidney clients and also dangerous.

v  Kidney stone will develop.

v Pomelo fruits will take continues Cholesterol Lowering Drugs (Ex.statins) for hypertension patient because of it aggravates to lower Blood Pressure (client undergone Hypotension).

v  Individual who have allergic to vitamin c should avoid to eating Pomelo fruits.

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