New Human 80 th organ is “Interstitium” found -New York scientist report - We Are Nurse Proud To Be Nurse

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New Human 80 th organ is “Interstitium” found -New York scientist report

New York scientist finds out 80 th organ in our human body is “Interstitium”.

According to scientist  Dr. David Carr-Locke, Dr. Petros Benias, from Mount Sinai-Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City, The team members did one of research regarding signs of cancer in a clients bile tract. In that time they found some tissue did not match in the previous anatomical condition. 
New Human 80 th organ is “Interstitium” found -New York scientist
New Human 80 th organ is “Interstitium” found -New York scientist report

They approached with New York University Dr.Neil pathologist research report. It based on this finding has to drive dramatic advances in medicine including the possibility that the direct sampling of interstitial fluid may become a powerful diagnostic tool. The new technology used for Probe-based confocal laser encomicroscopy, this ability to view living tissues. This instrument having camera probe to light up tissues, so while sensors analyze to reflected the pattern of tissue. 

Scientist say that this new tissue structure that was unlike seen before in the human body in anatomical condition. This structure showed a network of fluid-filled spaces, now named “INTERSTITIUM “.

Interstitium organ would be the 80 th organ in our human body. Before we are having 79 human organs now this new one added as 80 th human organ. this study founded that the connective tissue is underneath the skin, lining other organs was a dense layer and muscles and all over the human body.

According to Scientist and experts, these interstitial spaces are organized by a collagen mesh and can shrink and expand thus serve as shock absorbers.This new organ “INTERSTITIUM “. it can be found beneath the surface and under the skin. It is also present in tissue layers lining the gut, lungs, blood vessels, and muscles. 

As per a research report by Daily Mail, the organ is a network of interconnected, fluid-filled compartments that run all over the human body. It is made of both strong collagen and flexible elastin connective tissue proteins, and with interstitial fluid moving throughout.

The discovery suggests to the Scientists that to protect the human body tissues from damage, these Interstitium is compartments may also act shock absorbers.

Interstitium is one of the largest organs in the human body. 

The research report was published in the Journal of Scientific Report.
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