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Evaluation Criteria For Nursing Drug Study

Drug Study (Nursing Drug Study)  means learning about compete information about drugs (or) Study about the drug and drugs.
Nursing drug study includes  Dose/Route Of The Drug, Action Of Drug, Indication Of The Drug, Contraindication Of The Drug, Side Effect Of The Drug, Nursing Responsibility Of Drug.

The Nursing students should learn about drugs due to the nurse main work based on administering the medical procedure.so nurse needs to know the basic rights for before administering drugs with drugs complete information.in that why during student time the students nurse learning every ward special Criteria to learn about the drugs regarding client oriented. 

Evaluation Criteria For Nursing Drug Study

Drug study help to increases the Nurse knowledge (it legal safeguard for nurses)and save about client also.two ways the nurses learning about drug information.1.written about drug and submitting, 2.written about drug and drug presentation. both ways nurses will getting knowledge about the drugs.

Drug study also one of the criteria for students during the clinical time for MSC.Nursing and B.Sc Nursing, Post Basic Nursing, GNM, ANM, in different clinical oriented subject.so Nursing teacher or in-charge the to evaluate the drug study activities.so in this format can help to assess perform about the drug study activities .this format can free to download and can edit &add based on your particular institute name.we are added free editable evaluation criteria for a drug study.

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                   Free Download Format Of  Evaluation Criteria For Drug Study

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