Dysmenorrhea Cramps or Pain (Menstrual Pain or Period Pain) Are As Painful As Heart Attacks?? - We Are Nurse Proud To Be Nurse

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Dysmenorrhea Cramps or Pain (Menstrual Pain or Period Pain) Are As Painful As Heart Attacks??

Dysmenorrhea Cramps or Pain (Menstrual Pain or Period Pain) Are As Painful As Heart Attacks??????  New Research Report BY Mr. John Guillebaud Professor.

The First menstrual cycle occurs in age group between 12-18 years old girls. this called as called as menarche. Menstruation or period occurs monthly (every 28 days) once. It varies based on physical characters of every individual. Bleeding mostly lasts around 2 to 7 days.

Due to physical factors and hormonal imbalance based on some symptoms occupying with menstrual cycle. That is mainly pain , bleeding (loss of blood compounds and led’s to anemia), menstrual psychosis ,and menstrual character will change(frequency and cycle of menstruation),volume and duration of menstrual flow will change.

Dysmenorrhea Pain is most common symptoms in menstruation .but some women having severe pain during periods that is called as Dysmenorrhea or menstrual cramps or painful periods. The hormone substance prostaglandins involved in pain and it induce muscle contraction over the uterine. Due to contraction of uterine muscle blood vessel of comprising..That is reason the blood flow process also changing over the heart.

The Dysmenorrhea involved varied factors induce menstrual cramps as. Puberty at early age 11 years, heavy and irregular menstrual bleeding, age group blow 30 years, never give birth condition, chronic disease condition, heavy smoker and alcoholism and substance abuse, obese, etc. Dysmenorrhea out nine in 10 people getting menstrual cramps experience.

The new research report from Mr.John Guillebaud professor of reproductive health at the University of College London told the menstrual cramps can be almost as bad as having a heart attack” 

So we cannot control Menstruation cycle but some remedies can do to reduce pain or crams .so once symptoms will reduce means heart attack factor also can reduce.

  • To regulate and control the risk factors 
  • Drink more fluids
  • Mild exercise and massage and acupuncture therapy 
  • Best good food habits 
  • Best sleeping habits Patten 
  • Medication for pain killer etc
  • Stop smoker and alcoholism and substance abuse 
  • Weight control
  • Education about menstrual hygiene
  • Take rest 
  • Avoid caffeine and salt related foods

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